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Bedliners can be applied to trailers to provide protection, durability, and other benefits. When applying a bedliner to a trailer, it’s essential to select a product specifically designed for trailer use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application. This ensures that the bedliner provides effective protection and durability for the trailer.

Common applications for bedliners in trailers:

  • + Cargo Protection
    Trailers are often used to transport various types of cargo, including equipment, tools, and goods. Applying a bedliner to the trailer’s interior provides a protective barrier against scratches, impacts, and other damage that can occur during loading, unloading, and transportation. It helps to preserve the trailer’s floor and walls, extending their lifespan.
  • + Slip Resistance
    Bedliners can offer a non-slip surface in trailers, which is particularly important when hauling items that may shift during transit. The textured or non-slip properties of the bedliner help to prevent cargo from sliding or moving around, enhancing safety and stability during transportation.
  • + Corrosion Resistance
    Trailers are exposed to various weather conditions and road debris that can lead to rust and corrosion over time. Applying a bedliner to the trailer’s exterior can provide a protective coating that helps to resist corrosion caused by moisture, chemicals, and other elements, thus prolonging the trailer’s lifespan.
  • + Easy Maintenance
    Bedliners in trailers are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They can be sprayed or wiped down to remove dirt, debris, or spilled liquids, making it more convenient to keep the trailer in good condition and ready for the next use.
  • + Improved Resale Value
    Trailers with well-maintained bedliners often have a higher resale value. The bedliner protects the trailer’s interior and exterior surfaces, keeping them in better condition, which can make the trailer more attractive to potential buyers and increase its overall value.
  • Socal Truck

    "Top-notch product and application process. We've compared it to Linex and Rhino Liner, the way the bed liner sticks and holds up to wear and tear is great in the long term. Texture is finer and it doesn't need to be overly thick in order to have the same strength as its competitors. Cost wise, the lack of franchise fees end up helping the customer in the end. We've had nothing but happy customers by applying their spray bed liner."

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  • Mary L.

    "Mil+Spec has been awesome to work with. The guys are there for any questions we have. We also appreciate their effort to help with our local marketing. Best bedliner out there!! Thanks guys for all your hard work."

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  • Sky D.

    "Mil+Spec spray in bed liner is one of the nicest and most clean looking bed liners on the market! I was using another product before my work switched, and I’m so glad we did! Phillip who works for Mil+Spec is the best guy to work with, on top of ordering material to give tech advice over the phone. So glad I was able to be trained the best in the business! You won’t regret spraying Mil+Spec bed liners!"

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  • Jason H.

    "The guys at Mil+Spec, Steele, Hunter, and Phillip are fantastic to work with. They know what Customer Service is all about and they take care of their customers. I would recommend their spray on bedliner system to anyone!"

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