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Undercoating application is becoming more and more common, however, to see entire cars fully coated in the durable material, which gives the cars body a coarse, matte-like finish is being featured at trade shows. Mil+Spec Liner is a distinctive exterior automotive coating that provides a durable skin and rugged look for any vehicle!
  • Mil Spec Car Liner
  • Mil Spec Car Liner
  • Mil Spec Car Liner

Types of Car Applications:

  • + Vehicle Undercoating

    Applying bed liner material to the undercarriage of a vehicle can provide protection against corrosion, rust, and road debris. This is especially useful for vehicles exposed to harsh weather conditions.

  • + Rocker Panel Protection
    The lower areas of a vehicle’s body, known as rocker panels, are prone to damage from rocks, debris, and road salt. Applying a bed liner material to these areas can create a durable barrier that prevents scratches, dings, and rust.
  • + Wheel Well Guard
    Wheel wells are susceptible to damage from gravel, mud, and other debris. Coating them with bed liner material can safeguard against impact and provide a rugged, textured appearance.
  • + Bumper Protection
    Vehicle bumpers endure frequent impacts and can become scratched or dented easily. A bed liner material can add an extra layer of protection and improve the overall durability and appearance of the bumper.
  • + Interior Protection
    Bed liner materials can be used to protect the interior of vehicles, particularly in heavy-duty or commercial applications. They can be applied to floor pans, cargo areas, or door sills to prevent damage from heavy items, tools, or equipment.
  • Socal Truck

    "Top-notch product and application process. We've compared it to Linex and Rhino Liner, the way the bed liner sticks and holds up to wear and tear is great in the long term. Texture is finer and it doesn't need to be overly thick in order to have the same strength as its competitors. Cost wise, the lack of franchise fees end up helping the customer in the end. We've had nothing but happy customers by applying their spray bed liner."

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  • Mary L.

    "Mil+Spec has been awesome to work with. The guys are there for any questions we have. We also appreciate their effort to help with our local marketing. Best bedliner out there!! Thanks guys for all your hard work."

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  • Sky D.

    "Mil+Spec spray in bed liner is one of the nicest and most clean looking bed liners on the market! I was using another product before my work switched, and I’m so glad we did! Phillip who works for Mil+Spec is the best guy to work with, on top of ordering material to give tech advice over the phone. So glad I was able to be trained the best in the business! You won’t regret spraying Mil+Spec bed liners!"

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  • Jason H.

    "The guys at Mil+Spec, Steele, Hunter, and Phillip are fantastic to work with. They know what Customer Service is all about and they take care of their customers. I would recommend their spray on bedliner system to anyone!"

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    Mil+Spec Liner®

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