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Mil+Spec Liner ®
Car Liners

Undercoating application is becoming more and more common, however, to see entire cars fully coated in the durable material, which gives the cars body a coarse, matte-like finish is being featured at trade shows. Mil+Spec Liner is a distinctive exterior automotive coating that provides a durable skin and rugged look for any vehicle!
Mil Spec Car Liner
Mil Spec Car Liner
Mil Spec Car Liner

Types of Car Applications:

  • + Vehicle Undercoating

    Applying bed liner material to the undercarriage of a vehicle can provide protection against corrosion, rust, and road debris. This is especially useful for vehicles exposed to harsh weather conditions.

  • + Rocker Panel Protection
    The lower areas of a vehicle’s body, known as rocker panels, are prone to damage from rocks, debris, and road salt. Applying a bed liner material to these areas can create a durable barrier that prevents scratches, dings, and rust.
  • + Wheel Well Guard
    Wheel wells are susceptible to damage from gravel, mud, and other debris. Coating them with bed liner material can safeguard against impact and provide a rugged, textured appearance.
  • + Bumper Protection
    Vehicle bumpers endure frequent impacts and can become scratched or dented easily. A bed liner material can add an extra layer of protection and improve the overall durability and appearance of the bumper.
  • + Interior Protection
    Bed liner materials can be used to protect the interior of vehicles, particularly in heavy-duty or commercial applications. They can be applied to floor pans, cargo areas, or door sills to prevent damage from heavy items, tools, or equipment.