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Here at MilSpec® Liner, we share with our spray-in bedliner dealers over 30 years of knowledge in the high-pressure coatings industry. We stand behind our product, as well as our dealers. MilSpec® Liner is a spray-on bedliner that is designed to be on the front lines of protecting your truck, which is why we back it up with a nationwide lifetime warranty on your truck bed. Contact your local bedliner shop to learn more about our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.


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      What makes Mil+Spec Liner

      Customer Support

      We take calls to support our dealers. Seriously. Whether you’re having equipment issues, or need help figuring out how to finish that new project, we’ve got your back.

      Product Availability

      We have products available. Our Mil+Spec Liner is always in stock and ready to ship! Keeping Mil+Spec Liner in stock at our warehouse allows us to make sure no material shortage will keep us from getting material to you at your location. This makes it easier for our dealers to keep their production numbers up!

      Equipment Installs

      When you buy equipment from us, you have the comfort of knowing that not only will it be installed correctly, but you will always have our support in making sure it stays up and running. We do this so you and your business can continue operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

      In-Person Training

      We don’t just install your equipment and then disappear from the face of the earth. We stick around to train you how to use your equipment, know how to maintain it, and understand it, allowing you to apply the best spray-on bedliner product out there – Mil+Spec Liner!

      We Control Our Pricing

      Since we supply our own products, we control the price. This means corporate can’t call us and tell us we have to raise the price on you. We have always gone to bat against corporate increasing prices and that value still holds true. Lining our own pockets isn’t our goal. We want you, our dealers, to make money too.

      Training Videos

      While we train you to the best of our ability, people forget things, or new employees are added to your teams. We are working on a database of training and instructional videos on our website and on YouTube so your team can stay on top of their game. These videos include Mil+Spec Liner application, and Graco Equipment maintenance as well.

      Market Assistance

      Something new we’re implementing this year is creating our own marketing content and trying to make customized Mil+Spec Liner marketing videos to help our dealers gain business on a local level.

      Our Mission

      The team at Mil+Spec Liner comes from a background of spray-on bedliner shop owners and managers themselves. We got tired of the corporate B.S. associated with every well-known bedliner company today. 

      We said enough is enough, and so Mil+Spec Liner was born. It is our mission to help our bedliner dealers above all else.

      Dealer Videos

      See some of their awesome work!
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      West Valley City, UT
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      Corvallis, OR
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      Cheyenne, WY
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      Santee, CA
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      Oak Harbor, WA
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      Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID