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Bedliners can be applied to various parts of off-road vehicles to provide protection, durability, and other benefits. The specific application of bedliner in off-road vehicles may vary depending on the vehicle type, usage, and individual preferences. It’s important to select a high-quality bedliner product and follow proper application techniques to ensure effective protection and longevity.
  • Mil Spec Off Road Vehicle
  • Mil Spec Off Road Vehicle

Common applications for bedliners in off-road vehicles:

  • + Exterior Body Protection
    Off-road vehicles often encounter rough terrain, rocks, branches, and other hazards that can cause scratches, chips, or dents to the vehicle’s body. Applying a bedliner to the exterior can offer an additional layer of protection against these elements, preserving the vehicle’s appearance and preventing damage.
  • + Undercarriage Protection
    The undercarriage of an off-road vehicle is susceptible to damage from rocks, debris, and rough terrain. Applying a bedliner coating to the undercarriage can provide a protective barrier, reducing the risk of dents or punctures and preventing corrosion caused by exposure to moisture, mud, and other elements.
  • + Interior Floor Protection
    Off-road vehicles often track in dirt, mud, water, or other debris onto the interior floor. Applying a bedliner to the interior floor can make it easier to clean and maintain, protecting the vehicle’s original flooring from stains, wear, and tear.
  • + Cargo Area Protection
    Bedliners are also useful for protecting the cargo area of off-road vehicles. Whether it’s for hauling gear, equipment, or recreational items, a bedliner can shield the cargo area from scratches, impacts, and spills, ensuring that the vehicle’s interior remains in good condition.
  • + Exterior Accessories
    Bedliners can be applied to various exterior accessories of off-road vehicles, such as roof racks, bumpers, grille guards, or fender flares. This adds an extra layer of protection to these components and can enhance their durability and resistance to damage.
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    "Top-notch product and application process. We've compared it to Linex and Rhino Liner, the way the bed liner sticks and holds up to wear and tear is great in the long term. Texture is finer and it doesn't need to be overly thick in order to have the same strength as its competitors. Cost wise, the lack of franchise fees end up helping the customer in the end. We've had nothing but happy customers by applying their spray bed liner."

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  • Mary L.

    "Mil+Spec has been awesome to work with. The guys are there for any questions we have. We also appreciate their effort to help with our local marketing. Best bedliner out there!! Thanks guys for all your hard work."

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  • Sky D.

    "Mil+Spec spray in bed liner is one of the nicest and most clean looking bed liners on the market! I was using another product before my work switched, and I’m so glad we did! Phillip who works for Mil+Spec is the best guy to work with, on top of ordering material to give tech advice over the phone. So glad I was able to be trained the best in the business! You won’t regret spraying Mil+Spec bed liners!"

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  • Jason H.

    "The guys at Mil+Spec, Steele, Hunter, and Phillip are fantastic to work with. They know what Customer Service is all about and they take care of their customers. I would recommend their spray on bedliner system to anyone!"

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