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Industrial Liners

Bedliners have various applications in industrial vehicles, which are commonly used for heavy-duty operations in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industrial sectors.

It’s important to select a bedliner product suitable for industrial vehicle applications, considering factors such as durability, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and ease of maintenance. Proper surface preparation and installation techniques should be followed to ensure optimal adhesion and performance of the bedliner.

Industrial Vehicle

Here are some common applications for bedliners in industrial vehicles:

  • + Cargo Protection
    Industrial vehicles often haul heavy loads, equipment, or materials that can cause damage to the vehicle’s bed or cargo area. Applying a bedliner provides a protective barrier against scratches, impacts, and other forms of damage, preserving the vehicle’s bed and ensuring the safe transportation of goods.
  • + Abrasion Resistance
    Industrial vehicles often operate in rugged environments where the bed is exposed to abrasive materials, such as rocks, gravel, or concrete. Bedliners with high abrasion resistance can help minimize wear and extend the lifespan of the bed, reducing maintenance and repair costs.
  • + Chemical Resistance
    Some industrial applications involve the transportation of corrosive materials or chemicals. Bedliners with chemical resistance properties can protect the vehicle’s bed from corrosion, chemical spills, and damage caused by exposure to hazardous substances.
  • + Impact Resistance
    Industrial vehicles may encounter heavy objects, tools, or machinery during loading, unloading, or transportation. A bedliner with impact resistance properties can provide additional protection against dents and impacts, maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle’s bed.
  • + Ease of Cleaning
    Industrial vehicles often accumulate dirt, debris, or residues from transported materials. Bedliners with easy-to-clean surfaces make it more convenient to remove these substances, improving hygiene and reducing maintenance time.
  • + Noise and Vibration Dampening
    Some bedliner materials can help reduce noise and vibrations caused by the movement of cargo or vehicle operations. This can enhance operator comfort and reduce the overall noise level in industrial environments.