Mil+spec Liner® Tactical Range

This game is still being developed and is currently in Alpha stage. We intend to fix bugs and add more features in the near future.


Shoot targets with accuracy and speed for a high score. We currently have 3 different levels to try out.

We strongly recommend using a mouse to play this game, and running it with the Chrome Web Browser*.

Basic Movement

Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move forward, left, backwards, and right. Use the spacebar to jump, and C to crouch.

Basic Gunplay

Use left mouse button to fire your weapon and the right mouse button to aim. Press R to reload. Scroll the mouse wheel to switch to your secondary and back to your primary.

*Increase Chrome Browser Performance

In Chrome, go to Chrome Menu > Settings > Advanced. Under System, enable Use hardware acceleration when available.

To force acceleration, enter chrome://flags in the search bar. Under Override software rendering list, set to Enabled, then select Relaunch.

You can check whether hardware acceleration is turned on in Chrome by typing chrome://gpu into the address bar at the top of the browser, or by following this link.

  • Socal Truck

    "Top-notch product and application process. We've compared it to Linex and Rhino Liner, the way the bed liner sticks and holds up to wear and tear is great in the long term. Texture is finer and it doesn't need to be overly thick in order to have the same strength as its competitors. Cost wise, the lack of franchise fees end up helping the customer in the end. We've had nothing but happy customers by applying their spray bed liner."

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  • Mary L.

    "Mil+Spec has been awesome to work with. The guys are there for any questions we have. We also appreciate their effort to help with our local marketing. Best bedliner out there!! Thanks guys for all your hard work."

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  • Sky D.

    "Mil+Spec spray in bed liner is one of the nicest and most clean looking bed liners on the market! I was using another product before my work switched, and I’m so glad we did! Phillip who works for Mil+Spec is the best guy to work with, on top of ordering material to give tech advice over the phone. So glad I was able to be trained the best in the business! You won’t regret spraying Mil+Spec bed liners!"

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  • Jason H.

    "The guys at Mil+Spec, Steele, Hunter, and Phillip are fantastic to work with. They know what Customer Service is all about and they take care of their customers. I would recommend their spray on bedliner system to anyone!"

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